Childs Brain On Music KindermusikYou’re here because you love your child. You want to give them the best possible beginning in the world. And you’d love to know what’s going on inside that wonderful little mind. You came to the right place.

Kindermusik is a classroom learning experience. We teach children music so they can become better learners. It's not about making little Mozarts. It's about developing skills in the whole child—ages newborn to 7 years—cognitive, physical, social, emotional, language and musical. For more than 25 years, we have believed music is the best conductor for learning. Today music and the mind research is known as the "most rapidly developing field of human study," according to recent reports from the Royal Institute of Great Britain, home to 14 Nobel Prize scientists.

We believe parents are the best educators.

As your child grows, Kindermusik understands the development process taking place. We also want you to understand that process, because when a child\'s learning needs are best understood in the classroom and at home, Kindermusik can foster all aspects of a child's development while developing a natural sense of musical appreciation and capability.

Children are placed into each class by age: newborn to 1½, 1½ to 3, and 3 to 5 and 5 to 7. Each class provides a stepping stone of learning to the next.
Read about the classes in detail in our classes page.