Level 1

Monday 8:45am
Tuesday 8:45am
Wednesday 9:00am
Thursday 9:00am
Friday 8:45am

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $198 per 9 week term

Level 1

Our Level 1 classes offer your toddler a stimulating environment to explore their new movement and language skills in the safety of our purpose built classroom.

Your child will delight in being immersed in our music and movement-driven classes, and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded parents and caregivers. We give you the tools to use music at home and make it part of your everyday routines.

What to expect in a Level 1 class:

  • Your child will be introduced to basic music concepts such as high/low, fast/slow, and holding a steady beat through instrument play and movement
  • Your child will sing songs that include motions, repeated words, and different meters and modes
  • Your child will explore and play with instruments, balls, scarves, hoops, mirrors, and more
  • Your child will be exposed to Auslan sign language

Benefits of a Level 1 class:

  • Your child will grow their ability to recognise and follow patterns in music and move to a steady beat, fundamental skills that have been linked to math and language
  • Your child will have an increased awareness of their body and improve their self-regulation of movement
  • Your child will develop various basic gross-motor skills, fine-motor control, and coordination