Level 4

Monday 11:45am 
Tuesday 11:45am
Wednesday 11:30am
Thursday 11:55am
Friday 11:45am

Class Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: $198 per 9 week term

Level 4

Our Level 4 classes offer your child an exciting first experience with musical symbols and more complex instruments, laying the groundwork for formal music instruction. 

You’ll join the fun for the final five minutes and watch as your child begins to master music terms and concepts, building a strong foundation for learning in other subjects like maths, reading, and writing.

What to expect in a Level 4 class: 

  • Your child will listen to a variety of sounds, including music from individual instruments and compositions that highlight specific genres, cultures, composers and concepts 
  • Your child will take part in instrument-play, dances that include instrument play, back-and-forth rhythm conversations with instruments, and songs with accompanying instrument patterns
  • Your child will experience various types of movement, including creative movement, movement with a partner, group, instruments, or props, and movement that explores concepts like high/low or staccato/legato
  • Your child will sing a variety of songs in an appropriate range and engage in call-and-response, echoing, and instrument play
  • Your child will be introduced to music concepts and vocabulary

Benefits of a Level 4 class:

  • Your child will enhance their self-awareness, refine their listening skills
  • Your child will gain a heightened sense of creativity
  • Your child will develop their sensory, motor, and cognitive skills
  • Your child will develop their pitch accuracy, memory recall, and sequencing abilities
  • Your child will grow in their ability to cooperate within a group, exhibit self-control, and listen attentively
  • Your child will build a stronger foundation in language and literacy skills, such as phonological awareness, focused attention, effective communication, and vocabulary
  • Your child will strengthen their brain connections used to integrate new learning, make decisions, and think critically